Friday, June 22, 2012


Last week my photography teacher asked the class to bring in "something or someone" we'd like to photograph for this week's class.

Since I LOVE taking pics of the kids... I brought Ruby!

Our teacher brought in some studio lighting and we were able to read the light using a light meter reader.
She taught us how to set up a quick back drop {white sheet} and engage our subject {she was great with Ruby!}... it was neat!  For the past few weeks we've talked about "light" and last night we were able to manipulate it!

These are my "test" shots from last night's class shot at 
1/125  F8  ISO 100
completely undedited at this point, straight out of the camera!
{can you tell Ruby "hates" getting her photo taken? ha!}

First shot, above, was taken with the light off to the side...

This time the light was placed almost directly in front of her!

It was a really fun class, and I definitely learned a few tricks!
Now for the fun part... editing!!
Check back later to see how I chose to edit these!



  1. She is too cute!! Such great pictures!

  2. So sweet! I remember teaching myself to light a white sheet! WAY harder than it seems! :)

  3. Ruby kills me. She's so freakin' cute!! I really love the one with the picture in front of her face. That sounded weird, but it's cool.

  4. Ah ha ha I love the photo of her pointing down at herself! It is SO CUTE!