Thursday, October 18, 2012

five reasons i love taking pictures

there is no better feeling than capturing a ''moment''... a smile, a tear, a candid moment, something totally unexpected... whatever the case may be & whether or not you're a professional or an amateur photographer, you cannot deny the feeling of getting ''the shot.''


it keeps your memories safe. forever.
it is amazing how fast some memories fade, but all you have to do is grab a photo album, take a peek at your instagram feed, your blog or your flickr account and that special moment comes right back to life!

i have some pretty cute kids that are total hams for the camera!

it's a hobby that I enjoy.  I don't feel the need to be ''great'' at it.  it's all about perspective and improving your skill.  it's not possible to not get better!

it makes me happy.  i love, love, love the feeling of having a camera in my hand!



  1. Hi Lena, I couldn't agree more. My family always teases me for how many pictures I take at gatherings, at a new restaurant, on my way home from work...but it makes me feel good and I love doing it.

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  2. i love this post. I definitely agree with all of your five reasons. I think youll love my giveaway today, its a fun camera strap!!


  3. Those are great!! My camera goes everywhere with me :) I love capturing things others might not see, little moments I can have forever and look back on. And I like snapping things that I didn't even realise I got in the picture, those are the best ones :) x