Thursday, January 24, 2013

loves on a thursday

Mark your calendars!

I will be co-hosting the 7 Lovely Things on Valentine's Day
Pinterest & Blog Hop!!

All you have to do, is pull together 7 lovely images that inspire you into a blog post.
On February 14th, head on over to one of the 6 hostesses listed above and link up your blog post of lovely things. Your post will automatically be linked to the other 5 hostesses blogs!
Along with linking up your blog post, there will also be a link up for your Pinterest account!
Just think of the endless inspiration!!!
So save the date, spread the word and I hope to see you all there!!
For today's lovely things... I'm pinning ''First Look'' photos!
The idea of seeing your bride/groom BEFORE the wedding is something I always loved & wish I would have done this at my own wedding! 

Here are a few I pinned recently on Pinterest that are just so, so sweet!!

Linking up here



  1. I love these! Such special moments.

  2. Those are great captures!! I almost want to get re-married {to the same guy obviously, haha} just to re do our photos-everything is so creative compared to 10 years ago! Super excited for Feb 14th too!!