Thursday, January 31, 2013

got snow?

This snowy session happened a few weeks ago! Aside from getting my car stuck in a snow bank (yes, I totally did that), it was a great shoot!! The family was amazing!! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

insta lately

I got a new haircut.  The kids are divided.  Ruby loves it & thinks I look like a rock star, and Memphis hates it. Period.
I got a new pair of boots for a steal... $20, people!!
The kids & I like to pretend we need glasses... none of actually do.  Can I pull off the fake frames?  Undecided.
My niece Felicity is getting so big!! 6 months old already, 2 teeth and the most gorgeous smile ever!!
Lots of weird weather. Snow, cold, -40... then rain & +10 a week later.  Being cooped up inside sucks.
Ruby had a polar party... cutest thing ever.  You can read more about that here.
Other than for outfit posts for my other blog, I haven't picked up my camera much. 
-insert sad face here-
I have been contacted for some grad sessions in June & I have 4 weddings lined up already... I guess I should welcome the break and having my weekends to myself & my family for a little while!!
What have you been up to lately?
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Monday, January 28, 2013

vintage valentine's day printable!

One of my rockin' sponsors, the lovely Casey of Fanfare Designs is here today with a funky set of free vintage Valentine's Day printables just for you!

(find the original here)

Vintage Inspired Children Theme Designs

Creating has always been a passion of mine. When I was a new mom and staying at home with my babies, I decided I need to do something for myself, my brain, my creative need. So I decided to create stationery. Focusing primarily on wedding stationery with - soon after I began creating items for childrens parties. Of course, I began with my children birthdays and then I thought maybe I should share my designs and created my second shop

I began using typical themed items for the children and continue to do so if requested but thought that maybe I should try something different. Then I was looking through images one day and was drawn to the vintage birthday, announcement cards. Ones that we just don't see to often anymore. I thought I could create a modern invitation/announcement using some of this imagery.

I continue to add and update my shop. Finding new and interesting ideas for the vintage inspired designs.

Thanks, Casey!
These are so cute & retro! I'll definitely be printing some out!
Be sure to check out both of Casey's online shops... she's amazing!


Friday, January 25, 2013

easy tips for photographing little kids

Even though I dabble in photography, it's not my profession.
Photography is a hobby & a passion & I  have always considered myself an average photographer with a decent camera, a good eye... and luck on my side.

Then last year I invested in my very first DSLR.  A Canon Rebel T3.  
At that point, friends & family started asking me to take their photos... then before I knew it, strangers and old acquaintances started asking too!

Today, I'm here with a few tips on photographing children.  No fancy-schmancy tutorial or photog-lingo filled step-by-step instructions. Instead, just a simple reminder of what you can do to take amazing pictures of these adorable little people!

1.  Get Down To Their Level

Be sweet about it, of course... but get up close & personal with these little people and you are guaranteed some wonderful shots!

2.  Shoot From Different Angles

Kids are moving. ALWAYS... so move with them.  They do not have to be photographed straight on!
Another cute angle is from above (which contradicts my first tip... oops).
The shot above was taken with me scrunched in real close to the fence... I love it!

3.  Be Silly

The photo above is one of my favorites so far.
How did I get it?  I was playing peek-a-boo!  She had a hoot!
(again, shot from a ''different'' angle! I'm on the floor, and she's peaking up from a highback chair!)

4.  Don't Say Cheese

Sure, those big toothy/gummy grins are adorable... but it's nice to see their serious side too!  Just keep shooting and you'll end up with some amazing shots that make you go ''I wonder what she was thinking just then?''

5.  Use Props

Kids love to grab onto things... and it works well in a photoshoot!  The trick is to keep them from putting their prop in their mouth... but, hey!  It works sometimes!

See?  I told you they were simple tricks!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

loves on a thursday

Mark your calendars!

I will be co-hosting the 7 Lovely Things on Valentine's Day
Pinterest & Blog Hop!!

All you have to do, is pull together 7 lovely images that inspire you into a blog post.
On February 14th, head on over to one of the 6 hostesses listed above and link up your blog post of lovely things. Your post will automatically be linked to the other 5 hostesses blogs!
Along with linking up your blog post, there will also be a link up for your Pinterest account!
Just think of the endless inspiration!!!
So save the date, spread the word and I hope to see you all there!!
For today's lovely things... I'm pinning ''First Look'' photos!
The idea of seeing your bride/groom BEFORE the wedding is something I always loved & wish I would have done this at my own wedding! 

Here are a few I pinned recently on Pinterest that are just so, so sweet!!

Linking up here


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

photographer's family

Just before the holidays, a local photographer asked ME to photograph HER family. I have to admit to being pretty nervous, but her family was awesome & we got some great shots!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i heart faces :: best face of 2012 ::

Above is my submission for the best face of 2012 challenge hosted by i heart faces...
the photo is of my daughter, Ruby, on Christmas morning.  Her big blue eyes just amaze me... they're beautiful in person, but really gleam in photos!

Photo Challenge Submission