Monday, June 17, 2013

baseball themed engagement

When I was contacted to do a ''baseball-themed'' engagement session, I was excited & a little nervous.  I had no idea if I would be able to capture the shots the future bride & groom were envisioning...

I think I nailed it.
*insert happy dance here*


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

photography perk.... punta cana

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a beautiful wedding.  I ran into the young woman who made the wedding cake, exchange hellos and she introduced herself as a cousin of the bride.
I was surprised to hear from her a few days later... just a quick Facebook message inquiring about my photography package for weddings.

I responded with my rate & what services I provide, happy to even be considered to be a part of her special day.

Can I just say my jaw dropped when I heard back from her a few minutes later...

She & her fiancĂ© are having a destination wedding and they want to pay my trip to Punta Cana to be their photographer!!! 
Say whaaaaAAAT!?

I'm sure I thought I had misread or misinterpreted her message, so I verified the details... and sure enough, I would be paid in a ''trip'' instead of monetary compensation.

I had to think it over and discuss it with my husband, of course.
At first, we thought he'd come with me.  A honeymoon trip we never got to take... but really, it's an expense we weren't planning for.  Plus, he has a ton of tattoo projects in the works and those aren't free.
Then I considered going alone!  I mean, a free trip is a free trip.  FREE. Sure, I'd have to ''work'' one of those days, but the rest of the holiday would be all mine.  I could just bring a bunch of books & bathing suits and hang out by the pool  Heaven?
Even better, though, I think my sister is going to come with me!  It's something we'd probably never do otherwise, and we've never done a ''sisters-only'' trip.  It will be so much fun.

There was a silly little issue with NOT having a passport (I had one YEARS ago and I went to Florida ONCE and then I let it expire... I don't get out much)... but a quick trip to the passport office and a few days later... my passport is in my hands and plans are underway for me to head to Punta Cana at the end of January.

I never in a million years thought my little photography hobby would open so many possibilities and new adventures for me.  After the last few years that I've had, this trip couldn't have come at a better time!


Sunday, June 2, 2013


As you may know, I also blog over at Lena B, Actually... and one of my other passions (besides photography) is fashion.
I'm by no means a fashion expert... but I like playing around with it and I've been trying to bring more of a ''fashion blog'' feel to my other blog.

To do that I have to post ''fashionable-ish'' photos of myself.
Since most of my family thinks it's silly to a) be a blogger & b) take photos of yourself, I don't get a lot of help in the photo-taking department.  That means I have to take my own pics.
Sometimes referred to as ''selfies.''

Here a few recent ones.  All taken by myself, with a remote.

How comfortable are you in front of the camera?  Do you take self-portraits?