Wednesday, July 27, 2016

sandra + chris get hitched

Sandra and Chris couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Fall day for their wedding! Surronded by friends and family, they had a beautiful ceremony at the Sprucholme Inn in Fort-Coulonge early last October.

Surprise! Sandra and Chris were expecting a baby.... a little boy who is now almost 6 months old!


Monday, July 25, 2016

fall family sessions

No doubt about it... September & October are probably my busiest months of the year. Everyone loves a good fall family session!

Last September, on the same weekend shot Ashley & Tim's wedding (see previous post) I also had 3 family sessions to squeeze in!  Each one went perfectly and I still have to pinch myself every once in a while... I can't believe I have such awesome clients!

First up was Meagan & her family. Her brother Joe was leaving the next day to start a new job in the States so it was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together. Obviously, Mr. Oliver stole the show!

Then, I had the opportunity to photograph Christina and her boys. I've known her for awhile, we went to school together back in the day. Her oldest is on the autism spectrum, as is my oldest, so we have that in common too. D'Arcy did great though and we got through the session without any meltdowns and some great shots to show for it!

Last, but not least, Jillian invited me to take photos of her family... They told me to wear comfortable shoes and it was pretty apparent why once I got there. The session lasted a few hours as we made our way through their amazing country property. It'll be a hike I won't forget!